Playlist: August 2, 2012

Pussy Riot- Performance at Christ the Savior Cathedral
Tozibabe- Moja Praznina
Kleenex/Liliput- Hitch-hike
Nu Sensae- I’m a Body
Slits- Vindictive

X-Ray Spex- Identity & Germ-Free Adolescents
The Avengers- Corpus Christi
Hand Cream- Oh Rats
Penetration- Money Talks
Dog-faced Hermans- Beautiful
Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees- Clockface

Pauline Murray of Pentration

Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees

Mo-Dettes- White Mice
The Lines- White Night
Essential Logic- Qualiity Crayon Wax Ok
Raincoats- No Looking
Delta 5- Try

Blues Control- Love’s a Rondo
Thanh Mai- Toc Mai Soi Van Soi Dai (Long Uneven Hair)
Purity Ring- Crawlersout
Maggi Payne- Flights of Fancy

Purity Ring

Maggi Payne

Mary Halverson/ Jessica Pavone- Saturn
Zola Jesus- Vessels
Meredith Monk- Biography from Education of the Girlchild
Daphne Oram- (The Oram Tapes) New Atlantis
Suzie Ibarra- Anitos
Pod Biotz- Comet Call
Talk Normal- Lone General


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