Austra – Home
Ylang Ylang – Blow-Up
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Blue Hawaii – Try to Be
Walrus – Long Walks
Buke + Gase – Hiccup



Sourpatch – Cynthia Ann
Ruff Talons – Controller Controller
X-Ray Spex – I Can’t Do Anything
Mary, Maggie and Hopey feelin' the X-Ray Spex.  From Love & Rockets by Jaime Hernandez

Mary, Maggie and Hopey feelin’ the X-Ray Spex. From Love & Rockets by Jaime Hernandez

Facials – Garglin on the Glory of the Lord
The Comes – Panic!
Bitter Fruit – Invisible Clit
Bitter Fruit

Bitter Fruit

Androids of MU – Bored Housewives
Paralisis Permanente – Jugandoa las Cartas
Dekoder – What’s Left

Black Angels – Indigo Meadow
Nu Sensae – Cat’s Cradle
Sleater-Kinney – Get Up

Anti-Schism – Scream/Sacrifice
Joyride – 2 Truths and a Lie
Babes in Toyland – Jungle Train
White Lung – Like Dad
Nu Sensae – Skull Mecca

Conflict – The Guilt and the Glory
Dead Moon – 40 Miles of Bad Road
Sonic Youth – No Queen Blues
Royal Trux – Up the Sleeve

Maica Mia – Johnny O (Live on CKUT’s Montreal Sessions! Listen to the track and interview)

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