Jan 16th!

Lesley’s set
AKUA- One Company
Kelela- Send Me Out
Glass Candy- Warm in the Winter

Kate Bush- Rocket Man
Dena- Games in Games
Susie Quatro- Can the Can
Suzanne Ciani- The Eighth Wave

HERE’S SUZANNE, the woman with platinum fingers!


Tierzah- Inside Out
Carly Simon- Why

Brenda’s Set:
Sarah Gibson- Singapore
Cocteau Twins- Feathers Oar Blades
Pearls Negras- Biggie Apple
Tatiana- La Maquinita

Brigitte Fontaine- Brigitte
Robin Johnson – Your daughter is one
The Pretenders – Talk of the town
Life Rulez – My little care bear

Broadcast- Black Cat
Weirdsville – TRY! (Alicia Keys)
I Want Pizza – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Xania’s set
Ravia Rivera- Feat. W Kronico – Sin Rap Me Aburro
Audry Funk ft. Achepe- La Simplicidad

Destreza & Chipes -De Pie
Maria Elena Sandoval- Cataclismo
Carla Morrison -Yo Sigo Aqui

Anita Tijoux -1977

André Daneau
Flans- No Controles

Xania & the Potholes will be playing a show with André Daneau & Krista Muir (who was on Venus a couple weeks ago) as part of the Rythmes au Féminin festival
(They rap, tap-dance and play music together.)
The show is February Feb. 6th, at Club Balattou (4372 Saint-Laurent) 9pm
fb event here
If you’d like to read more propaganda about the show, check out her site iamxania.com

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