Playlist: October 17, 2013.


Mecca Normal – I Walk Alone
Aunty Panty – Panty Stain
U.S. Girls – Overtime
Lightning Dust – Fire Me Up
Land Of Kush – The Big Mango
UN – Take a Little Light
Gambletron – AM Radio Oscillations
Ledges, Blast – A Killer Hill
Maica Mia – Don’t Let Call
Loosestrife – Last Night
Esmerine – Learning to Crawl


magiciantyr Interview with Jasa Baka, writer, designer and executive producer of Smile Stealers, a live action, animated, independent short film, described as an experimental visual poem, a campy surrealist silent film era music video.

Watch the eye-popping trailer HERE:


[Leah Fay Goldstein, Julia Thomas, Jasa Baka on Venus Radio CKUT]

Ink Spots – I’ll Never Smile Again
Peter Nevins – Silverthread
Syngja – Pink Prism
Wendy Carlos – Clockwork Orange
Angels in America – My Lucky Day
AIDS Wolf – Child of Wind


Next, we spoke with performance collective WIVES about their latest creation, Sea Foam Blue 2.  Pirating visions from the depths of the internet, Leonard Cohen, the New Age and our most intimate dreams, Wives guide you through a live-action ebb and flow of disorientation, longing, seduction, loss and nurturing into an uneasy existential peace: so long as there is ocean, we are never alone. 

Watch preview for Sea Foam Blue 2 HERE!!!

Follow WIVES as they create body-based intermedia love songs on their website HERE. You can read their open letter to Leonard Cohen, inviting him to attend their performance of Sea Foam Blue 2, taking place at La Sala Rosa (4848 St. Laurent) on October 18, 2013.