Venus Fans are the Talentedest Fans

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered the M.I.A. fan art contest! The winner, by random draw, was Juniper. Congrats, Juniper! But as far as we’re concerned, you’ve all won our HEARTS. (Too bad our hearts don’t have infinite tickets to M.I.A. to give you. But maybe, in another sense, they do. Maybe they just do.)

FEAST YR EYES on the submissions we got.

From Shahir Omar (if the gifs don’t gif automatically, click on them for full gif experience):







From Heather Hardie:


From Alexandra Blair (not gonna lie, we love a little ego stroke):


From Juniper:

got me through back to back waitressing shifts
on a cd in my dad’s car
this one summer when i went back home
to my coastal small town where i like two friends and
i was still figuring out that i was gay.
it was the summer that my dad suggested that i get a hobby,
but instead of a hobby,
i worked in a stodgy formal restaurant uniform i tried to keep clean
despite the yellow west coast fusion curry sauce used in the tastiest dish
we served.
to yuppies vacationing in my town for the weekend
that i obviously hated! it should’ve been class war!
but listening to your clangy beats, atonal and fierce
you threw me off a bit
challenged my indecision
and reminded me that another world existed that i would return to,
scary, exhilarating.

From Nanof Yobiz:


From Candice Cascanette:

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Thanks for making this contest so rad. You are all the best.