The Dragonroot Radio Project


CKUT Radio & the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy present:

The Dragonroot Project: a workshop series on gendered violence

Join us every 2nd Wednesday from 6-8pm

Dates: November 7th to April 10th

Location: 1500 de Maisonneuve West #404


January 16: Systemic Violence against Native Women in Canada with Missing Justice. This teach-in will delve into the role of the media, police and justice systems in perpetuating violence against Native Women. We will also be discussing the role allies can play.

January 30: Gender & Environmental Racism with Maya Rolbin-Ghanie of Climate Justice Montreal. This discussion will explore the ways in which environmental destruction deepens existing gender inequalities, and the ways in which existing gender inequalities allow environmental destruction to occur, with a particular emphasis on women, and on environmental racism.

February 13: Gendered Violence and Trans’ communities with Fabien from the 2110 Peer Support & Trans Advocacy. This workshop will challenge your understanding of gender and shed light on some of the struggles faced by Trans people. We will discuss gender identities and expressions, terms, definitions as well as the role of allies in creating a safer, more inclusive environment for all.

February 27: Sex Work and Gendered Violence with STELLA. A member of Montréal sex-workers rights organization Stella will present on systemic violence and discrimination against sex workers and the effects of laws and policing on sex workers in Montréal.

March 13: Systemic Discrimination of Migrant Women Workers with PINAY. This workshop will cover the structure and Migrants’ experience of the Live -in Caregiver Program (LCP). Facilitators will address the injustices faced in and responses to the LCP.

March 27: Healthy Relationships with the South Asian Women’s Community Centre. Explore violence and personal boundaries in the context of intimate relationships. from a people of colour perspective from SAY (South Asian Youth)–a youth collective rooted in the South Asian Women’s Community Centre.

April 10: Articulating the Unspeakable: Confronting Gendered Violence through Storytelling, with Alisha. Explore taking the writing practice from the introspective to the expressive, the personal to the political, drawing stories from our own lived experiences. Through facilitated exercises, we will aim to confront and navigate the realities of gendered violence in its many forms and disguises.


November 7: Sexual Assault Awareness with the Sexual Assault Centre Campaign. This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of sexual assault, including consent, boundaries, and rape culture. We will explore the right of people to define their own experiences. We will delve into why consent can be complicated, the importance of communicating comfort levels, and what resources are available within Montreal for survivors.

November 21: Transformative Justice 101: A Workshop on the Challenges & Benefits of Confronting Interpersonal & Community Violence without the Cops or the Courts with Life After Life. This will be an interactive workshop on how to apply transformative justice principles to a series of challenging scenarios depicting everyday forms of interpersonal and institutional violence. It will be followed with a facilitated creative response workshop to encourage reflection on transformative justice in our own lives.

December 5: Our Bodies, Our Choice: Reproductive Justice and Systemic Violence with the Reproductive Justice League. This workshop will discuss the meaning of reproductive justice and will highlight the historic and current state of abortion access and other reproductive rights in Quebec and Canada. We will discuss barriers and current attacks to reproductive freedom in Canada.

Wheelchair accessible space//Childcare available with 48 hours notice