It was Catherine’s last Venus before she moves to BC to become a nature baby. We dug deep into the CKUT archives and found some gold, including an interview with the Gossip from 2003 and a 2007ish interview with JD Samson (of Le Tigre fame) and Bernie Bankrupt (of the legendary Lesbians on Ecstasy). We shed some tears and listened to some of our favourite songs from the past ten years of Venus, and reminisced about the amazing people who have been and will continue to be what makes the Venus Collective the unstoppable force it is, including:

Ang, a core member of the collective for EIGHT FREAKING YEARS, whose voice we hope to be hearing on the airwaves very soon again; Eugenie, Natasha, Sarah Mangle and Sarah Wang (aka the Sarah Bloc), Melanie, Emily, Julia, Rachael, Nasrin, Marianna, Sarah W, and Erin, Laura and Christy, who started it all! SORRY IF WE FORGOT ANYONE, I’M LOSING MY MIND, LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE’LL FIX IT RIGHT AWAY

Listen to the show here.

MIA – Story to be Told
Las Grecas – Orgullo
Le Tigre – The The Empty
Conflict – The Guilt and the Glory
Vicious Pink – C-c-can’t you see
Major Lazer & Amber from Dirty Projectors – Get Free
Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
The Knife – You Make Me Like Charity
The Raincoats – No Looking
***Archival interview w Bernie Bankrupt and JD Samson***
berniejd samson

Bernie & JD on electronic music, feminism, and Dykes Can Dance, interviewed in 2007ish by Ang, Cath & Anna




Kleenex/Liliput – DC-10
Sonic Youth – Brother James
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Sin My Heart
Lijadu Sisters – Danger
Liquid Liquid – Cavern

Yoko Ono – No No No
Selda – Ince Ince
Sleater-Kinney – One Beat
***Archival Interview with the Gossip***
The Gossip – All My Days
Stereo Total – I Love You Ono
Mo-Dettes – White Mice
Thee Headcoatees – Davey Crockett
ESG – Moody
Miriam Makeba – Umoya
Nu Sensae – Tea Swamp Park
Esther Phillips – Hello Walls
[Cath’s last Venus/Anna, Cath & Eugenie DJing at HTMlles, 2012/Cath & Ang DJing at Cagibi, 2007ish/Cath & Emily B 2004ish, feat. Lou-Ease Burns]