March 22, 2012.

National Day of Action!!!

Here, in Montreal, over 200 000 people marched in protest of proposed tuition hikes of 75% over the next five years. Venus Radio played music to get the crowd juiced!!! Then we joined the march.

Read more here: Stop the Hike!!

First set dedicated to the strikers.

Dj Venus X- HBA SS 2012 Soundtrack
Angel Haze- 6’7″
Lioness- Bust it so Bad
DJ Jayhood and Ms Porsh- Rock My Hips
Rye Rye- New Thing

Rasheeda- My Bubblegum
Shawnna- Damn
Sister Nancy- Bam Bam
Miriam Garcia + Alicia Solans- Pinta el Sol
MIA- Bingo (Diplo Remix)
Maica Mia – Missing Man
Gowns – White Like Heaven
Elfin Saddle – Boats
Grimes – Visiting Statue

In the next hour…

////Feature Interview with musician XARAH DION\\\\
xarah dion at venus radio
including these trax by her primary project, her band with Marie Davidson, Les Momies de Palerme:
– Incarnation
– Infirmiere
– Le Chemin

Momies de Palerme are officially launching Brulez Ce Coeur from Constellation Records at Casa del Popolo on Saturday March 31, 2012.  The same night they will also release a casette of b-sides from the Brulez Ce Coeur sessions called Les Momies de Palerme dans les Pins on Los Discos Enfantasmes.

brulez ce coeur momies de palerme cover by Jacinthe Loranger(with album art by Jacinthe Loranger)

The show will feature the songs of Momies de Palerme set to videos and films by artists Jessica Rainville, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Simon Brown, Jean Bourbonnais, Jasper Baydasa, Guillaume Girard.

still image from incarnation by momies de palerme and jessica rainville

(still from Incarnation by Jessica Rainville).

And then, we interrupt regularly scheduled programming…

***LIVE UPDATE FROM NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION STOP THE HIKE STRIKE PROTEST MARCH*** from CKUT reporter Aaron Lakoff. He estimates 80,000 – 100,000 people marching downtown – students, unions, professors. He predicts a turning point in the student movement in Quebec. See you in the streets Montreal!

Hey, where are you? Um... I'm on the left side of the street... I'm wearing red... Okay I think I see you...

photo by Edouard Reinach

And then Xarah Dion brought us her guest DJ set:
Machaut – Puisqu’en oubli
Barbara – Gottingen
Nagat – Chanson
Luc Ferrari – Piste 01- Cycle des souvenirs