Thursday, April 26 playlist: a study in new age

It was just me (Natasha) behind the VENUS boards today, so I was able to dedicate big fat chunks of this set to Sasha, who has been exploring new age lately. Lots of long, thoughtful, slow pieces. Great for falling asleep gradually, or waking up gently.

Download from the archives here.

suzanne ciani – paris (1971)
constance demby – el mie (1978)
mirroring – fell sound (2012)
emerald web- the dragons gate (1981)
kay gardner – touching souls (1975)
noveller – tooth rest (2010)
leslie keffer – no fun fest excerpt (2006)
marcia bassett and helena espvall – side 2 lapidary (2008)
susan alcorn – sacrum convivium (2011)
julia holter- boy in the moon (2012)
laura allen – waterfall (1980)
kate bush – breathing (1980)
clara rockmore – vocalise (1976)
lau nau- painovoimaa, valoa (2008)
stellar om source – ocean chain letters (2009)
pauline anna strom – energies (1982)
fleetwood mac – over and over (1979)