Playlist: October 24, 2013. Funding Drive Edition #1.


Cassie & Esther Dean – Bad Bitches

INTERVIEW WITH MOE CLARK – Poet, Performer, Musician, Teacher, and director of this year’s Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.
Check out Feminafesto: A showcase November 6th at Sala Rossa featuring Moe Clark, Sheri-D Wilson, and five other performers.

Feminafesto presents seven women celebrating those who inspire them as they address injustices lived by women. She-ritual. Voices shape-shift like water, filling empty mouths to overflowing and reflecting missing faces with poetic justice.

“Perhaps women have the advantage of producing a radically disruptive and subversive kind of writing right now because they are experiencing the current imbalances and contradictions that drive them to it. They are turning to skillful means figuring how to combat assaults on their intelligence and time. She––the practitioner––wishes to explore and dance with everything in the culture which is unsung, mute, and controversial so that she may subvert the existing systems that repress and misunderstand feminine “difference.” She’ll take on the subjects of censorship and abortion and sexual harassment. She’ll challenge her fathers, her husband, male companions, spiritual teachers. Turn the language body upside down. What does it look like?” (Anne Waldman; exerpt from Feminafesto)

Moe Clark – I Am
Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes I
Sheri-D Wilson – Secret
Carole King – Crying in the Rain
Nicki Minaj – Money Up (Remix)
M.I.A. – Walk With Me

Junior Mafia – Get Money
US Girls – Jack
Flying Lizards – Money
Cyndi Lauper – Money Changes Everything
PJ Harvey – Working for the Man


Guest Dj set by La Fraicheur out of Berlin, Germany.

Follow La Fraicheur’s global meanderings and musical selections HERE.


Kool Thing – Plan. Life. Go
Rodeo – Way Back Home
The Mokkers – Ride
Strip Down – Chez Moi
Crime – Unicorns & Pillows
Akua Naru – The World Is Listening