Venus has the honour of kicking off this year’s CKUT Funding Drive! This is where we ask our faithful listeners to pledge a little cashola to keep the station going another year. Remember, CKUT is volunteer-run and listener-driven, which is why it is so awesome. It may shock you to learn that we, your humble hosts, receive no money whatsoever for the programming we do every week. We do it because we love music and we love community radio, and we would be thrilled beyond belief if you donated some of your hard-earned cash to keep the love going.

Normally the Venus funding drive show is all about RADIOKE – this is where we have special guests, CKUT staff and volunteers, and maybe even the Venus collective ourselves perform karaoke live, on air, for your listening pleasure and pledges. Because this year we’re having TWO funding drive shows, we’re gonna play it a little different.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 25TH – We’ll be playing our usual bangers, but we invite you to call in and make a pledge, and with every pledge you make, you can REQUEST a radioke song to be performed the following week, and we will do our darndest to get the person and song you requested ON AIR. Yes! It’s real!

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1ST – RADIOKE! Tune in to hear YOUR KARAOKE REQUESTS, plus many more Venus special guests, sing their Hearts out for your Mony Mony. We will also have SPECIAL VENUS PRIZES for donating to our show.


Here’s some photos from radiokes past to get the juices flowing.

Jah Cuttah and Lou Burns do their interpretation of I’m Your Venus

Kim from To The Cliffs feeling it hard

Brenda Seltzer and ZZ Topless

Once more, with feeling!