PLAYLIST: 27 JUNE, 2013.

Fatima-Desert-Strike-EPHeidi Mortenson – Dele Af Kroppen
Anika – He Hit Me
Fatima al Qadiri – War Games
Rhye – Open
Julia Holter – Four Gardens
Laurie Anderson – Excellent Birds
U.S. Girls – Jack

4Frida Sonko – Gwenasobya (Uganda)
Ogyatanaa Show Band + Pat Thomas – Mmobrowa (Ghana)
Aka Girls – Mo Boma (Aka Pygmies of Central Africa)
S.K. Oppong – Wo Aba Tenase (Ghana)
City Boys Band – Me Ye Yaree Fimefie (Ghana)
Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires – Yes U Ka Mkwebaze

hand-cream-and-pals[Hand Cream]

Hand Cream – Ok Ok Ok
Blue Hawaii – Follow
Colleen Green – Close to You
Mozart’s Sister – Mozart’s Sister


[Loosestrife tape cover by Sarah Pupo, launching next week!]

Loosestrife – Chris Song
Dekoder – Hate Song
Bluecross – No Redeemer


[Jess of Bluecross]

M.I.A. – Bring the Noise

++++++++++++++++++++++ congratulations to the winner of our MIA Fan Art Ticket Giveaway Contest, Juniper!!!  and thank you so much to everyone who submitted! you are all geniuses of fan art and completely exploded our hearts and minds. every one of you will be appearing on this blog by the end of the day!!

M.I.A. is playing Metropolis on July 17, 2013.

here is the winning poem by Juniper:

got me through back to back waitressing shifts
on a cd in my dad’s car
this one summer when i went back home
to my coastal small town where i like two friends and
i was still figuring out that i was gay.
it was the summer that my dad suggested that i get a hobby,
but instead of a hobby,
i worked in a stodgy formal restaurant uniform i tried to keep clean
despite the yellow west coast fusion curry sauce used in the tastiest dish
we served.
to yuppies vacationing in my town for the weekend
that i obviously hated! it should’ve been class war!
but listening to your clangy beats, atonal and fierce
you threw me off a bit
challenged my indecision
and reminded me that another world existed that i would return to,
scary, exhilarating.

mia_press100510M.I.A. – Bad Girls
Austra – Home
Azealia Banks – Jumanji
Rye Rye featuring Robyn – Never Will Be Mine