Venus May 19th

Cala + Teagan + Jackie played:

La Luz – Sure as Spring

Noun – Feel the Darkness

Dog Faced Hermans – Keep Your Laws Off My Body

Shady Hawkins – State of Emergency

PJ Harvey – Water

Hissyfit – Scrunchie

Bound & Gagged – Black Sand

The Breeders – Cro-Aloha

Les Zerreurs – Beaux Animaux *

Nightmare Collective – Indifferent Society

PyPy – Pagan Day

Army Girls – T W I C E

Towanda – Prologue & Love is Wasted

Esther Grey – Be Quiet Ren

The Submissives – Betty Told Me

September 67 – Busy Building

Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles – Itching Around

Casey Mecija – We Feel the Same

Eryka Badyu – I Been Goin Thru It All (Happy 420 Mix)

Hush Pup – Fighter

Kali Uchis – Lottery

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeletons – Bottom of the World

Sky Ferreira – Can’t Say No To myself

Ohbijou – Sligo

Us Baby Bear Bones – You

Mykki Blanco – Coke White, Starlight

Scooter Island ft. Junglepussy – Not Yours

The Organ – Steven Smith

Cold Specks – Living Signs

Broadcast – Tears in the Typing Pool

Mitski – Your Best American Girl

Karen O – Rapt

Metric – Poster of A Girl


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