Thursday April 7 playlist!

Cala played:

Ohbijou – Niagara

Friends – I’m his girl

U.S Girls – Sororal Feelings

Perfect Pussy – Interference fits

Esther Grey – Be quiet Ren

Mazzy Star – She’s my baby

Donmonique- Pilates (Kendall, Kiley, Miley)

Lydia Ainsworth – Hologram

Casey Mejica – We Feel the Same

Mitski – First Love Late Spring

The Submissives- Betty Told Me

Eugenie Played

Iko Chérie- Comme Ferdinand et Marianne



Alice Vanor – Jeux Savants

Juliette Armanet- Lèamour en Solitaire

Paupitere – Cinq Heures

We are King – The Greatest
Lion Babe – Jump hi

Beatrice Eli – Girls

Tinashe – Bet



Rihanna – Kiss It Better

Jackie Played:

Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals

Feist – My Moon My Man

Jessica Lee Mayfield – Seein Starz

Soko – I Thought I Was an Alien

U.S. Girls – Window Shades

Chelsea Wolf- Flatlands

Nicole Dollanger – Poachers Pride

Frankie Cosmos – School

Metric – Hardwire


xox ox0




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