dec 3 ✦ϡ §hakti-in-ƒlux & ¤Bélier¤


mourning glories • cyrnai

windmill • cyrnai

ballad of the seasons • medical mission sisters

mr.henri rousseau’s dream • midori takeda

crossing • midori takeda

sweetgrass (film) • lucien castaing-taylor

black moon (film) • louis malle

children of god • swans

travels of italy • nobukazu takemura

fleigt schnell laut summend • die todliche doris

untitled • atrophisme interne z

ndame • aby ngana diop

beautiful dreamer • peter gordon and the love of life orchestra

ironclad mermaid • after dinner

calm outdoors (recording)

little bit of rain • karen dalton

moon song for river • matt weathers

i’ll walk alone • the chantels

a thought through shadows • venus in handcuffs

getachine begergeme • sosina gebre eyesus (ethiopian orthodox)

raifinka • bulgarian folk singing

genuine life • old girl

ich bin der wind • damenbart



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