November 5th +++ ¤ bélier ¤

::: Two hour exploration of human voice research, experimentation, story telling, healing, transmitting herstory :::

On the air, ¤ bélier ¤ referred to a Voice & Movement class called Womb Cxre, which has moved and touched  them, opening up new pathways for self-research through dance and voice work. This class is taught by Phoebe Heintzman- Hope, who explains:

 Womb Cxre is an educational initiative in body work bridging singing and dancing for personal & professional practices. My aspiration is to enable dancers to express themselves through auto-generative movement. This idea of auto-generation is one that acknowledges the power of external sounds and music that possess the body. Auto-generative movement is propelled by the dancers internal sense of dialogue and musicality. I lead vocal exercises to draw out the impulses in a dancing body, uninhibited by recorded music. I exercise attention to physical and sonar space. Through internal dialogue and socio-spacial awareness, dancers are able to correlate their movement to their identity and the impact they have on their immediate surroundings. The vocal exercises I lead begin with a sense of unity that individuates with time. This exercise gives dancers the ability to find new pathways of movement prompted by their internal dialogue. The excavation of this dialogue is a dance that feeds itself to others as it feeds back in to itself”.

Contact her to see when she’s teaching next at

Here is the outline of last week’s set (will update):

Tanya Tagak


Interview with Tanya Tagak

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