<shakti_in-flux {:❦::}} sept 10 º•


Eden Yelli 2 • Baka Forest People from South East Cameroon

Quechuan Love Song • Elisabeth Waldo and her Concert Orchestra

The Angel • Buffy Saint Marie

Narguile Toundra / La Grande Plante Fibreuse • Vox Populi!

Your Fate Denies • Carly Ptak

Such is Life • Cosey Fanni Tutti

Death Lullaby • Rorogwela

Rorogwela • Afunakwa

Fur Man • Corpses as Bedmates

Ministry of Love • Eurythmics

Closer • CoH + Cosey Fanni Tutti

Liital Rhythm • Aby Ngana Diop (Remix)

Tim Toum • Codek

Fantasy • Costanza

Erase You • ESG

Six of Cups • Syngja

La Fille du Soleil • Christine Delaroche

Porque te vas • Kali Uchis

Me • Junglepussy

Babylon • SZA

M3L155X • FKA Twigs

Pull Up to the Bumper • Grace Jones

Fierce • Azaelia Banks feat. Franklin Feuntes

T-Shirt (Crazy Cousins Remix) • Shontell

Ndame • Aby Ngane

><><><><><><><><EEEVENTTSSSSSS ><><><><><><><

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