June 26th! Special on Female Djs! With Dj Ripley!

Aditi & Xania are doing a special on female djs with + an interview with Dj Ripley!
Catch her LIVE- June 27th
DJ Ripley
The Salivation Army
La Marche à côté
5043 St-Denis
We played:
Sonosolar mixtape- Buscabulla

Blood on My Nikes- Rebecca Rocklyn (who will be performing at Valhalla Sound Circus as the only female DJ out of 75 djs)
Miss Kitten- Meneki Neko
DJ Ushka- Foreign Brown Mixtape

DJ Ripley- Happy-Go-Lucky-Girl-

Endless Summer Mix-Anthology of Booty
MPeach- La Hora
Hello Exile- An Alien in My Heart
DJ Ipek- Baris Manco-

Lykke Li edit by Mokadem- No Rest for the Wicked
Alexa D!saster-
Maria Minerva- Classic Bad Boy

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