Playlist: September 26, 2013. Pop Montreal Edition.


[Cakes da Killa]

Irma Thomas – I Want A True True Love
Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue
Katie Moore – Montebello
Molly Sweeney – Florida
Molly Sweeney

[Molly Sweeney]

Marvelettes – Playboy
Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back
Lido Pimienta – Velandia y la Tigra
Cakes da Killa & Dai Burger – Light Dat Ass
Hua Li – Eurasian Eyes
Mozart’s Sister – Mozart’s Sister

Mashrou’ Leila – Fasateen
Maica Mia – My Old Bad Habit
Boyhood– Thailand
ARoarA – #13


Psychic Ills – East
Brusque Twins – Speaking in Colour
Braids – Ebben
The Highest Order – Lonely Weekends
Big Brave – How Have You Been?
Syngja – Reached the End
Chelsea Wolfe – House of Metal
Freelove Fenner – Wendy Witchcult

[Freelove Fenner]

Hand Cream – Ok Ok Ok
Jef Barbara – I Know I’m Late

Yamantaka/Sonic Titan – Hoshi Neko
UN – Go Seeker
Gay Panic – Therapy Talking Points
Loosestrife – Chris

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