Playlist: June 6, 2013.

Tinashe – Stargazing
Akua – Gravity
Maica Mia – Swollen Eyes
Purity Ring – Amenamy
U.S. Girls – The Island Song


**************** Sarah Mangle’s all-female drummer SET!!*************

Beekeeperz (via St. Henri Band-off Compilation) – Royal Jelly

Unfinished Business – Try Not to Laugh
Cousins – Thunder
Unfinished Business – Epic Fail


[Janet Weiss]

Sleater Kinney – Milkshake and Honey
Scout Niblett – In love
Bum Whisperers (via St. Henri Band-off Compilation) – Bum Whisperers
Construction + Deconstruction / Dark Lark – The Horse Returns + Cato


Marjan – Kavir-e Del
Khal Nayak – Choli Ke Peeche
The Lijadu Sisters – Amebo
Las Grecas – Orgullo
Saltland – Treehouse Schemes


Big Blood – Something Brighter than the News
Galaxie 500 – Final Day (YMG)
Honey is Cool – Lead but Low
Wong Faye – Fuzao

Yamantaka/Sonic Titan – Queens
Katie and the Lichen – Where the Dirt Lives


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