Playlist: February 7, 2013.

My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow
Yo La Tengo – Ohm
Breeders – Do You Love Me Now?


UN’s album launches FEB 14 2013 at The Plant. Hard copies of the album available at Phonopolis, and Cheap Thrills; Digital copies available on Bandcamp or iTunes.


Kara’s guest DJ set:
Northern State – The Man’s Dollar
Enya – Orinoco Flow
Mozart’s Sister – Don’t Leave it to Me

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

Happy Lunar New Year!

Picture 6

王菲 Wong Faye – 又見炊煙 You jian chui yan
Neung Phak – Cheer

love without end

李香蘭 Lee Xiang Lan – 夜來香 Ye Lai Xiang
吳鶯音 Wu Ying Yin – 岷江夜曲 Minjiang ye qu
顧媚 Gu Mei – 山歌 Shan Ge (from Love without End

蕭芳芳 Xiao Fang Fang – 叮噹歌 Ding Dong Song
白光 Bai Guang – 魂縈舊夢 Hun Ying Jiu Meng (Pondering Dreams)
周璇 Zhou Xuan – 陋巷之春 Lou Xiang Zhi Chun
李香蘭 Lee Xiang Lan – 海燕 Hai Yan (Sparrow)

lee xianglan

葛蘭 Grace Chang – 恭喜發財 Gong Xi Fa Cai
張露 Zhang Lu – 小拜年 Xiao Bai Nian
梅艷芳 Anita Mui – 賀年歌 New Year Song

紫凌 Linda Yong – 賀新年 Happy Lunar New Year
崔萍 Cui ping – 拜年歌 New Year Song
紫凌 Linda Yong – 新年行好運 Good Luck in the New Year

姚莉+姚敏 Yao Li and Yao Min – 恭喜恭喜 Gong xi Gong xi

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