Radiokeeee! Funding drive special edition

Thanks to everyone who called in during Radioke to pledge to CKUT, and BIG thanks to our special guest singers, who braved karaoke in broad daylight, stone cold sober, to help us raise money for CKUT.  Our total at the end of the show was $1502 (!!!!!), and some more pledges may still come in.  Don’t forget you can still pledge online!  Download or stream the show here.

B52s – 52 girls
US Girls – The boy is mine
Siouxsie and the banshees – Clockface
UN – If yer rich you’ll find ❤

#Radioke 1# Chain of Fools

Dana and Lou Burns are no fools

Santigold – Guns of Brooklyn
Gato preto – Soundgals
#Radioke 2# Love Me

Slick makes another fabled appearance

Tona la negre – El cacahuatero
#Radioke 3# Don’t stop believing
Xmal Deut Schland – Qual
#Radioke 4# Say it ain’t so
Nu Sensae – Eat yr mind
#Radioke 5# 9 to 5

D-ho sings a feminist class-war classic

Evie Sands – I can’t let go
Wanda Jackson – Funnel of Love

Anika – Yang Yang
#Radioke 6# My Pal Foot Foot

Major Lazer – Get Free ft Amber
#Radioke 7# Call me maybe

Call CKUT definitely

Robyn – Don’t fucking tell me what to do
#Radioke 8# Monster Mash

Cutest collective ever! This was worth every penny.

#Radioke 9# Walking After Midnight
Rattles – The Witch
#Radioke 10# Someone Like You

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