Special Funding Drive Edition Playlist: October 25, 2012.

CKUT FUNDING DRIVE 2012 is upon us… For 25 years now we have managed to broadcast BECAUSE OF THE SUPPORT OF OUR LISTENERS…
-free of corporate influence
-in the spirit of experimentation
-by and for the communities of Montreal
-for social justice!!!

Please donate to CKUT here!!!

The B-52’s – 52 girls
The Puke – Happy family
Maica Mia – Dawaj Reke
Conflict – The guilt and the glory
Dekoder – Hate song
Pins – luv4ulyf
Blondie – Rapture
Donna Summer – Love to Love you Baby
Madonna – Into the groove
Bembaya Jazz – Touraman
W.K.A. Laboso and Esta – Kitagaran
Yezinna Negash – Segota
Dionne Warwick – The Look of Love
Doris Day – Singing in the rain
Alicia Keys – Falling
Adele – Rolling in the deep
Midnight Mike – Summertime Love
Miriam Makeba – Iphi ndela
Evie Sands – I can’t let go
Little Esther Phillips – Hello walls
Tona La negre – El cacahuatero
Somad Abdullah – title unknown

Next week, it will be time for the most exciting event of the Venus calendar year… Thee Annual Venus Radio CKUT Funding Drive RADIOKE PARTY!!!

This 2012 edition, we invited our supporters to REQUEST songs (and singers from the CKUT community) to perform Radioke on our show next week November 1, 2012.

Here is the list, at press time.

Sarah Mangle requests:
Anna Leventhal (Venus host)- My pal Foot Foot by the Shaggs

Anna Leventhal requests:
The Venus Collective – Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Dorian requests:
Dorian and Carol – Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Nasrin requests:
Dj Imminent Domain – I Want to Break Free by Queen

Catherine requests:
Marc Montanchez (production co-ordinator) – Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana

Marc Montanchez requests:
a song of her choosing by Amber Goodwyn (former Music Co-ordinator) by phone from exotic Saskatchewan

If your name appears on this list, WATCH OUT!! We’re coming for you and we’re going to make you sing and we’re going to make you like it!!!

Until next week… xo

2 thoughts on “Special Funding Drive Edition Playlist: October 25, 2012.

  1. hi there! I`m a bit worried because my requests don`t appear on this list, but they were approved over the phone…
    They are Zombie by the Cranberries, performed by Tamara Filyavich and
    Say it ain`t so by Weezer, performed by Cee Strauss.

    • Hi Bronwen!

      Sorry dude, I just published this post a lil pre-maturely…

      Hopefully, you tuned in and heard us honor those requests and big you up!!!

      Thanks so much for your support,

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