Got money? Want to dismantle patriarchy?

Please help our friends and allies from Baltimore, Oakland, Los Angeles and New York City with a new project they will be launching this summer:

LIES: A journal of materialist feminism

“LIES is a new journal spearheaded by a feminist collective based in Oakland, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York City. LIES is a communist journal against communists. Emerging from our experiences within struggles, LIES seeks to develop in print the practice of autonomy that we needed to save ourselves in the midst of movements squared on patriarchy and fueled by the subordination of everyone but white cis men. LIES is a platform for certain conversations and critiques that are impossible or dangerous if cis men are in the room. LIES resists the legacy of racism and transphobia that has plagued feminist organizing and strives to document how that legacy is not sufficient reason to reject autonomist feminist practices today. LIES draws its purpose and support from networks of feminist, queer, and trans people, our friends and comrades to whom this journal is devoted.”

Click here to access their kickstarter page.
As of this writing, $750 more dollars are needed by June 30, 2012 for the publication and distribution cost of LIES. The page also contains a preliminary bibliography, which is really something to get excited about.


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