[artistes contre la hausse]

Dj nasrin x
Amy and the Angels – I hate being in love
EMA – Milkman
Julee Cruise – Friends for Life
Mazzy Star – Holah
Lightning Dust – History
Puro Instinct – Cant take you anywhere
un – veins veins (pumping love)

THEESatisfaction – Courting in Red Square

Zebra Katz – Hey Ladies

Dj Learning to lev you more

Gossip – Get a job
Venus X – Cruelest Intentions (Live mix)

[Check out her tumblr!]

Grouper – Paper Trails
Patti Smith – Amerigo
200 Years

Special Guest DJ Tamika!!!!

Maluca – El Tigeraso
Foxy Brown – Tables will turn
Brianna Perry – Marilyn Monroe
Patra + Yo Yo – Romantic Call
Lil Kim – Lighters Up

Nikki Minaj – Come on a Cone
Crime Mobb + Girl Vein – Mean Muggin
Honey Cocaine – In the Cut
Spice – Fight over man
Trina – Waist so skinny
Diamond – Team Pretty Bitches
Azealia Banks – jumanji

So much dancing in the studio:

Until next time!
All our love, xxxx

Nasrin + Anna

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