Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971
Aster Aweke – Eshureru Fikre
Grouper – Vapor Trails
Nina Nastasia – One Old Woman
Linda Thompson – Bright Lights
Karen Dalton – Reason to Believe

We Like Cats – Untitled (demo)
Jennifer Lara – Consider Me
Hortense Ellis – Im Still in Love With You
Marcia Griffiths – No, No, No
Pocahaunted – All of is of
Sonic Youth – Shadow of a Doubt
LA Vampires + Zola Jesus – Bone is Bloodstone
My Bloody Valentine – Blown a Wish

The Breeders – Saints
Cobra + Vulture – Early Adopter
The Aislers Set – Catherine Says
Beach House – Bloom
Austra – Young and Gay
Azealeia Banks – Fuck up the Fun
Boys Boys – Monkey Monkey
The Feminine Complex- Hide and Seek

Sharon Van Etten – Magic Chords
Emma Bush – Lei Ei
Shocking Blue – Venus
The Breeders – Driving on 9 (see what I did there)
Isis – Ask a Woman
The Raincoats – No Looking
Maica Mia – Dawaj Reke

yeah, whatever, that’s just my signed Raincoats album. No big deal.

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