Femme Flagging

Alright Venus listeners and blog followers:

I just heard of this new phenomena called femme flagging.

Have you heard of this already and am I just way too behind?!

[via femme flagging tumblr]

I am so into this.

So, a bunch of queer femmes started this on tumblr just a couple of months ago as an alternative to the hanky code that is not strictly related to sexual acts. Femmes of all genders can identify themselves in public using different colours and styles of nailpolish. Read more here. The tumblr offers a forum for discussion on femme culture and politics within queer communities as well. More than just nails!

As a queer femme who has often been identified as a hetero, I am much appreciative of this gesture. I am going to do my own nails and send pics soon to the tumblr! I see gold as my colour, with a couple of fingernails in blue. (Is there a code for that or do we get to make up our own too?).

Enjoy the read and the pics!

Thanks to Gina for bringing this to my attention. Another Venus impresario, who’s got on delicious mint green nails, two of which are painted red, in solidarity with the student strike in Montreal.

nasrin x

3 thoughts on “Femme Flagging

  1. From deep in the Femme Flagging tumblr:

    Queers re-fashion ‘flagging’ codes by Jo Latham (The Scavenger, undated)

    “The point of flagging is to invite questions, to initiate conversations about the specifics of sex and of desire and to acknowledge the complexities involved in sexual interaction. Flagging does not tell you everything (indeed even a good double or triple flag can only tell you so much), and clubs are dark: maybe what you thought was red was actually dark pink. Flagging, then, demands an explicit and specific understanding (and practice) of consent. Without it, flagging makes no sense. A flag is an indication, a reference to interest in certain activities and a way of non-verbal initiation. In this way, flagging provides a radical resistance to the kind of “hands on” harassment and abuse many of us endure….

    …The queerness of contemporary flagging culture is less about ‘homosexuality’ and more about drawing attention to the ambiguities of desire, of gender and of bodies. Flagging in this way takes into account the realities of transexuality, transvestism, bisexuality, heterosexuality, and indeed female bodies, in ways that the traditional system failed to do so. Thus, flagging resists conventional (and sexist) assumptions about who wants what and how, as well as emphasising that talking about the specifics of sex is a necessary part of practising safer sex (that is, sexually interacting with anyone).”


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