To the student strikers: We love you!

The demos continue every day and every night. It’s so amazing to be in Montreal right now.  I am so proud and so lucky to be a part of this movement as both a teacher and a student.

Access to information about what the new university funding plan entails can be found here. It helps to understand that what is being proposed is not simply about an increase in tuition but the move toward privatizing and commercializing education.

Information on how it will disproportionately impact women can be found here-put together by Concordia University’s Simone de Beauvoir Institute.

English and French translations of documents and video clips that have been disseminated can be found here. And of course, since mainstream media and their representation of the strike is not always fair and just, alternative routes are here and here.

This movement is so smart and sharp. And I want to dedicate this song to everyone who is always out on the streets, who have organized and continue to organize against the Charest government’s violent neoliberal policies. To you:  the fearless and fierce as you continue to face the riot police.

I love to play this one when I am feeling empowered and ready to take on the streets, but who wouldn’t when it comes to the beautiful and powerful Nina Simone!

In solidarity,

nasrin x

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