March 8 2012: Playlist

Its International Women’s Day… Here at the Venus Collective, we simply call this day Thursday.

First hour with Catherine:

Jo Carol Pierce – excerpt from Bad Girls Upset by the Truth
US Girls – Island Song
LA Vampires-Zola Jesus – Bone is Bloodstone
Judee Sill – Jesus was a Cross Maker
Santigold – Disparate Youth
Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure
EMA – California

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Tenant
Autonervous – Anchors Away
Lahtere – Crush
Crystal Castles – Years of Silence
Raespoon – I Can’t Stop All Our Secrets
Sleigh Bells- Rill Rill

Second hour Nasarin plays:

Grimes- Oblivion
Cults- Abducted
Puro Instinct- Stilyagi
Polica- Amongster

Blue Hawaii- Lonely Hearts
Chromatics- I Want Your love
Crystal Stilts- Shattered Shine
Magnetic Fields- Boa Constrictor
The Raincoats- In love

For the next act of our show, a few mashups by Harlem Dj Venus X.

Venus X- Told Ya Jerkbow
Venus X and $hayne- Hood by Air SS2012 Classics

Find her on Soundcloud Here.

Here is her Venus X tumblr. Very very hot… wowwowweewah!!!

aaaaaaaaaaand finally…
Grupo Socavon- Quitate De Mi

Until next week! 🙂

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