Just some faves, old and new, for a blowy new month.

Irma Thomas – Anyone who knows what love is (will understand)
Nina Simone – My baby just cares for me
Peggy Lee – Is that all there is?
Esther Phillips – Hello Walls
Shangri-Las – You can never go home anymore
Grimes – Oblivion
Xeno + Oaklander – Autumn’s Edge
Austra – Hate Crime
Planningtorock – Doorway
Rhoneil – Bottomless Pit
Elfin Saddle – The Changing Wind
Sharon Van Etten – Give Out
Tasseomancy – Heavy Sleep
Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – Hoshi Neko

Throbbing Gristle – Heathen EARTH
Boredoms – Seadrum
The Blow – Parentheses
The Breeders – Do You Love Me Now?
Molly Nilsson – Hey Moon!
Cardigans – Ironman
Colleen – Ritournelle
Cocteau Twins – Cico Buff
Kate Bush – Aerial

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