Księżyc — The Moon

There are tons of rad blogs that rip obscure and hard-to-find records for our listening pleasure, and Root Blog (run by the dudes behind the always-excellent Root Strata record label) is consistently one of our favorites.

Maxime (Guitton, of ALI_FIB gigs) recently uploaded this forgotten Polish psych-folk gem from the mid-90s. I just downloaded it this morning and I’m already obsessed. It lightly toes into some fanciful Renaissance-Faire waters, but has enough contemporary weirdness, gothic organs, and atonality to keep me listening. It sounds super timeless, I can’t believe it was made in 1996. Recommended for fans of Lau Nau, Paavoharju, Thalia Zedek, Iva Bittova, Ingmar Bergman.

Download it here!


[via Root Blog]

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