8 thoughts on “The Mighty M.I.A. (and a cool t-shirt that looks like a watermelon)

  1. YoCatherine, Did you know that one of the first jobs I ever had was working for my step-mom hand-painting clothing? Lots of animals, bright colours, dyes, etc…the watermelon shirt made me think of this. I like that you’re linking up the DIY fashion projects…maybe next time I’m out west I’ll bring back some of her dyes and we can have a lil T-shirt JAm?….oooo
    Check out her web site, it’s um, pretty wild. this photo is of my parents circa late 80’s:http://www.angelpaint.com/wear11.jpg

    • this one’s pretty sweet:http://www.angelpaint.com/anim6.jpg

      Her dyes and paints (she makes them herself, well the colors at least) are actually really nice. It would be fun to try to create some one of a kind Venus shirts with them with some of your designs…if you are into cheesyweirdfashion awesomeness.

      • Whaaaaaat? Those are your ACTUAL parents!!! They are so foxy!!!

        So, I guess what we’re saying is that we have to batik / handpaint some majorly psychedelic t-shirts and I am sooooo into that!!!

      • Yes, that is what I am saying…there’s no way around it. so, so, so fun!!! We are going to look GOOD this summer…

      • ha ha ha. yeah, steven tyler is Jackie’s claim to fame. The outfit she made him (which is a one piece multi-coloured, psychedelic jumpsuit) now lives in the Rock’n’roll hall of fame…heh.

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