Playlist Jan. 19 2012

Alice Coltrane- Bhaja Govindam
Brigitte Fontaine- Il Pleut
Selda- Mapushaneiere Gunes Dogmuyor
Grouper- Alien Observer
Yoko Ono- Greenfield Morning
Petra Haden- Armenia City in the Sky
Royal Trux- The Spectre
Gal Costa- Nao Idenitificato
Margo Guryan- Sunday Morning
Ennio Morricone feat. Veruschka- La bambol
Samara Lubelski- Sister Silver
Filarmonica Fraude-Epopeia
Yoko Ono- Yang, Yang

Austra- Darken her Horse
Souad Abdullah- (Unknown Title)
Generentola- La Gata
Xeno and Oaklander- Untitled; Years Before
Alice Coltrane- Sivaya
Radio Arabia- Haunted Hall
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Red Light
Indian Jewelry- Lying on the floor
Tasseomancy- Healthy Hands
Jennifer Castle- Neverride
Cobra and Vulture- Fortune
Las Grecas- Orgullo
Gal Costa- Misterio
Velvet Undreground- Some Kinda Love
Rae Spoon- bethelightbethelight
Magik Markers- Riserdal

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