Playlist January 12 2012

Le Tigre- Hot Topic
Xeno and Oakland- Sets and lights
M.I.A.- Let me hump you
Gang Gang Dance- Adult goth
Planningtorock- Doorway
Tearist- Headless
Ashay- Shaytan
Bendali Family- Ghazal
Asmahan-Lailie Alaassi
Dalida-Bang Bang
Salima Pasha-Al-Hajer Mu Ada Ghareeba
Sultana Youssef-Khoutini Bthemmetak
Austra-Beat and the Pulse
SBTRKT-Wild Fire
Zola Jesus-Vessels
Anika-Yang Yang
UN-Fever ben mix
HTRK-310 G
Easter-ur a great babe
Nu Sensae- Dubai for Now
White Lung-Rats
Hand cream-finger cult
Julia Holter – Try to make yourself a work of art
Charalambides-Wanted to talk

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